Spain has a variety of tourist attractions and is the second most-visited country for tourism purposes after France. It is located in Southern Europe and attracts people from all neighboring and far countries that want to bask in its glory.

The geographical diversity and the cultural heritage of this region make it a favorite for many people. Markets and architectural development add to the attraction of the region which is irresistible. There are people interested in the language as well as the regions cuisine, making tourism one of the major economical boosts in Spain.

Cities to Visit

In Spain, almost all cities have something to offer to visitors. burma tourist destinations are not concentrated in only one city. You will find great pleasure in every city you visit, making it impossible for you to exhaust all that Spain has to offer in one vacation.


This city comes second in size and is very famous for the coasts and beaches it holds. As you relax, you will have the chance to play all your favorite sports and the facilities are well taken care of. Popular beaches such as Barceloneta will give you the time of your life and an experience that you will never forget. The citys beauty is added to by the architecture of the shopping destinations located in the city. You will have everything you need.


Being the capital of Spain, it is definitely a place to visit. It contains lots of museums with a great range of art collections that will amuse art lovers. Valencia City also has science museums and aquatic life that will leave you breathless.

Other cities that are a must-visit include Seville which features different Spanish festival celebrations, and Malaga city which holds famous breathtaking castles. This is also the birth city of Picasso, and you will find selected masterpieces of his work being exhibited in a museum here.

Bilbao city holds Plaza Nueva monumental square and a museum called the Guggenheim which is well worth checking out. One of Spains famouns landmarks is Alhambras Palace, located on a hilltop in Granada city. Alhambra was the last Muslim ruler in Spain.

For those looking to have a taste of seafood dishes and other local cuisine, Tenerife City is the place for you. You will also find a variety of pastries, fruits and eggs with that Spanish cuisine taste. For all types of Souvenirs, visit the artwork shops in Cordoba City. Take a piece of Spain with you from the city and make the memories linger forever.

Toledo and Salamanca cities are also great places to visit for cultural and art experiences.
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